Purge or Protect? 

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Human Weeds© is a 57 min. documentary and is currently in production for public television stations nationally.  The main subject of this project is…

understanding the past, present and future of eugenics


The subject of eugenics is one which has a rich historical past, albeit a controversial one. And yet though the terms have changed over time, it is very much a pertinent subject for anyone who is interested in such things as population control, progressive healthcare, biodiversity, environmentalism, sustainability, family planning & education, women’s issues, tech-medicine, trans-humanism, and the value of human life.

Though these topics can generate much debate and even one-sided ideology, this program strives to bring a fair and balanced presentation to a hot button issue at a critical time in our world.


Story Synopsis

Here is a brief synopsis of our storyline:

With the rise of population and health concerns, mankind must determine whether society will profit most from purging or protecting its human surplus – Human Weeds©.


Human Weeds©, its script and storyline are all registered with the U.S. Library of Congress and the property of Magnum Veritas Productions LLC